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• What am I doing here? •
I love communication and fun! In the world of accessible porn and naked bodies, I am a small part of your fantasy. Respect me and I will respect you! P.S. I'm not looking for romance and relationships here, but we can become friends! I will be glad to get to know you better!
• My hobbies... •
• I love working with a camera. Nothing professional, just the pleasure of the process. I'm learning to work with videos a little bit, but it's funny and embarrassing haha • I love needlework. Knitting while watching a TV series, cross-stitch or beading while watching a movie, weaving bracelets while listening to lectures about everything in the world. • I can do yoga regularly. I also practice meditation before going to bed. It helps to relax after a long day at the computer. I also started practicing with the sadhu board. • I am a beginner terrariumist. You can read about my pets below... • From time to time I solve Sudoku or Minesweeper, less often I can play chess. • Rarely, but I play video games. Don't Starve Together, Project Zomboid, Baldur's Gate 3... I don't think it's a hobby, more like a simple leisure activity. Like reading fiction and watching movies. Without getting the skill, but just to relax.
• My Wish List •
• About me •
• My birthday is December 11th. • My height is 165 centimeters (5.5 feet). • My weight is 43 kilograms (94.7 pounds). • The size of the foot is 9.25 inches. • I do not know the breast size. Little. • I smoke hand-rolled cigarettes. • I have 8 tattoos(Don't look for meaning where it doesn't exist!), I wear a plug in my ears measuring 20 millimeters, I have a forked tongue! (No, the penis is not sensitive enough to feel a split tongue!!). P.S. • Where am I from? The Perseus-Pegasus Galaxy Filament, a complex of Whale Fish superclusters, Laniakea, Virgo supercluster, a local group of galaxies, the Milky Way galaxy, the Orion Arm, the Solar System, planet Earth, a country on the Baltic Sea coast...
I live with my pets. I have two eublefars - Phoebe and Chappie. I have a snake. I also have a rat named Busia.

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